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Last Resort Scenario Training For Security Personnel -London UK


Dragon Tiger Self Protection Training offer coaching to the Door Supervisor/Security Officer/Close Protection Officer to familiarize him/herself with techniques not only to cope with situations of potential hazard but also to have better standing regarding the legal consequences of having to proactively deal with such situations.

In Britain the government stipulates that SIA Licensed Door Supervisors are committed to following a professional policy of signalling non-aggression. However there may be instances when physical intervention remains the only viable option after following de-escalation techniques, showing open PALMS etc as dictated by standard conflict management training outlines. If the aggressor remains non-compliant to a peaceful resolution of a given situation then physical intervention may be necessary. This would ultimately be in the face of the failure of tactical communications skills being employed.

The Security Officer needs training both mentally and physically to protect him/herself and possibly others from harm. The mental coaching takes the form of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) that is a revolutionary approach to human communication based on changing how you think to actually influence what you think and do.

It helps in coaching the Security Officer to “reprogram” their minds for faster learning and greater success in positively handling imminently violent situations.

Fears, phobias and low self-esteem can be eliminated in minutes using NLP. Ultimately delegates will be enabled to exercise a positive mental attitude and “can do” mentality. This will enhance their intrinsic and extrinsic effectiveness as professionals

Therefore to fully address this aspect of training the course covers the following:

  • The criteria for using force
  • Unarmed defensive tactics and
  • Practical self protection/defence techniques

last resort trainng

These techniques are to cover armed assailants with either blunt or edged weapons. Evidently the emphasis is to keep the security professional and anyone else at risk safe from harm to employ only as much force as is necessary to ensure this outcome.


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